Heart Screen UK Ltd are the Premier UK Distributors of Cardisiography technology. 

The mission behind our work at Heart Screen UK is to identify solutions which are proven to vastly improve the outcomes of large scale heart screening; and in turn, lead to accurate detection of coronary heart disease. 

Using Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence together with a sophisticated 5-lead Data Collector; the Cardisio team have created the first Highly Accurate, Non-Invasive, screening test for coronary heart disease. 

Cardiosiography delivers highly accurate results, automatically to the health care practitioner, in fraction of the time of traditional methods.  

The method of screening remains familiar yet the revolution has begun in accuracy of results, brought about by Cardisio’s patented algorithm* and machine learning Artificial Intelligence.  

The revolution in heart screening begins ……I invite you to join us. Please click here


Cardisio GmbH, established in Frankfurt/Germany in 2016, is a privately held health company. Cardisio’s US headquarters are in San Francisco, California.

Scientific Advisory Board:

  • Prof.Dr. med.  Dr. h.c. Reiner  Körfer (Germany) 
  • Prof.Dr. med.  Gero Tenderich (Germany) 
  • Michael  M.Koerner, MD, PhD Adjunct  Clinical Professor (USA) 
  • Wilfried  Jacobs(Germany)

Cardisio is a registered trademark of Cardisio GmbH in the United States. 

© Cardisio GmbH 2018 


*Patent applied for